Kidzone WordPress Documentation

Kidzone Instruction

Firstly we would love to send our great thanks to you for purchasing Kidzone. This documentation covers almost everything to guide you step by step from the start to have your site on air. We encourage you to read thoroughly all section before you go on.

Thanks again and enjoy building your website with Kidzone.

WordPress Information

Before installing this theme, please make sure you have a working WordPress version already installed. For further guide to install WordPress, please find in below useful links:

Download Theme Package

When purchasing successfully our theme from Themeforest, you will need to download theme package for your use. To download the package, please login to your Themeforest account, navigate to “Downloads”, click the “Download” button in the left of the theme, choose “All files & documentation” to download our theme package to your computer. The theme package includes:

Requirement for Kidzone

To use Kidzone theme, you must be running WordPress 3.6 or higher, PHP5 or higher, and MySQL 5 or higher. Follow below checklist to ensure your host can work well with Kidzone theme:

There are two ways to install the theme. It is up to you choose your preference.

Install Theme via WordPress

Note: If you see this message “Are You Sure You Want To Do This” when installing file via WordPress, it means that you have an upload max file size limit. Try to install the theme via FTP instead, or contact your host to increase the limit.

Install Theme via FTP

Plugin Installation

Here is the list of plugins that will come together with our theme when you activated it. You are recommended to install and activate these plugins base on your own need:

Import Demo Content

The easiest way to import our demo content is to use our Demo Content Importer. Our importer will give you all pages and posts, several sample sliders, widgets, and more.

Import Slider

You should import all our sliders before importing Sample Demo Data, please follow these steps:

Import All Content Demo
import sample data

Update Theme

Auto Update

Please follow these steps to update automatically this theme:

Manual Update

You can also update the new version in traditional way:

Assign Homepage& Blog page

To assign Homepage and Blog page, please follow these steps:

Our Theme customizer works as the original WordPress customizer feature but is much more versatile. All our theme options can be changed in our Customizer on the left side and live preview instantly on a right side. With this intuitive interface, you can customize your website as your wish at your fingertips without writing a line of code.

To start using Customizer in Admin Panel, navigate to Customizer, you will be redirected to a live preview screen where you can change options on the left side and preview your site on right side promptly. All your change will not be committed and viewed on your site until you click Save & Publish on the top right of Customizer bar. You are also able to Export your setting in Customizer and Import to apply for other sites.

Site Enhancement

Enable/ Disable some features for your site. There are options below:

Design and Layout

This section will set a style and a layout for your site.


Customize your Typography settings. Kidzone integrated all Google Fonts. See font preview at Google Fonts.


Customize settings for Heading including Navigation Bar, Logo, and NavBar Alignment

Heading Style

There are four Header Styles including Logo Align Left, Logo Center, Logo TOp Center and Logo Button Click


Logo Align Left


Logo Center


Logo Top Center


Logo Button Click

Navigation Bar

This section adjusts settings for Navigation Bar. You also can customize some settings for the Toggle Button on Mobile in this section.


Kidzone allows you to add image file or text for the logo. You will see a button turn On/Off Use Image for Logo.

NavBar Alignment

Adjust height of navigation bar, space between links and size of the mobile navigation button.

Top Bar

Top Bar lays on top of your site, above Navigation bar. It is suitable for placing contact information and social media link. Enable to control its layout and content.

Footer contains Widgetized area and Footer Bottom. You can change any parts.


This section enables you to add and customize Widgets on your preview site. It includes a number of Footer Columns due to the setting in above section: Footer Settings.


When WooCommerce is installed on your site, you will be able to change settings for shop pages and products in Customizer.

Shop Page
Single Product


Post List

Choose layout settings for your Post List.

Single Post

Social Media

This section helps you to input your social media profile. 

Custom Code

In this section, you can add custom JavaScript and CSS to your site. Your Google analytics tracking code should be added to Custom JavaScript field.

Import/Export Setting

All themes from YoLoTheme share the same theme settings structure so you can export then import setting from one theme to another conveniently with our any problem.


Kidzone’s page is built by Visual Composer plugin, please make sure your website has installed this plugin. You can see this Video Tutorials of Visual Composer plugin learn more about “How to build your custom page”.

In addition, Kidzone provides 2 sections to set up your page, including Page Template and Page Settings.

Page Template

We have built some specific Kidzone’s page template for you. Here is the list and their short description:

Page Settings

We have created some specifics Kidzone page settings which will help you to build splendid pages for your website. Following the list of options below to see how they work:


Kidzone supports 5 post formats. Follow below steps to see the description of Post Formats and Global setting of Post.

Post-Format Setting

Post Setting

Install WooCommerce

There are two ways to install WooCommerce plugin, you can choose a suitable ways for your website.

Automatic Installation

Automatic Installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.

o   Install may take several minutes depending on your server speed and available memory.

o   If you have already imported our demo content that includes eCommerce content, click “Skip this step”

o   If you have not loaded any demo content, click “Install WooCommerce Pages

Manual Installation

The manual installation involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favorite FTP application.

o   If you have already imported our demo content that includes eCommerce content, click “Skip this step”

o   If you have not loaded any demo content, click “Install WooCommerce Pages

Create A New Product

WooCommerce supports 5 type of products. Please go to this link learn more about how to create a product of WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce Configuration

Please go to WooCommerce --> Settings to see all configurations of this plugin.


Create New Testimonial
Testimonial Setting

Team Member

Create New Team Member
Team Member Setting


Create New Teacher Item
Teacher Setting

Teacher Testimonials

Teacher Contact Form

Teacher options

Teacher Skills

Teacher Performance


Create New Event Item
Teacher Setting

Event Options

Place in Map

Event Contact Form

Event Activities


Create New Course Item
Course Setting

Course Time

Course options

Course Teacher

Course Testimonials

Learning Skills

Course Quality

Yolo Portfolio

Create New Portfolio Item
Portfolio Setting

Instead of writing lines of code to build elements, we built Kidzone with number of pre-made shortcodes that enable you to create elements as you see on our demo

By installing Visual Composer (the page builder plugin included in the theme package), you will have the Visual Backend Editor where every shortcodes are displayed visually before your eyes and easily generated in several clicks

Most of the properties of shortcodes are optional. You only need to include those properties when needed. The shortcode button generator can be found in both Classic Editor or Visual Composer.


Yolo Service

Use this shortcode to show services on your site.

Detail option:

Yolo Client

Use this shortcode to show “the client on Home Classic.

yolo client

Detail option:

Yolo Newsletter

This shortcode will help to build subscribe form on home page.

Detail option:

Yolo Testimonial

Use this shortcode to show testimonials on the front page.


Yolo Image Slider

Use this shortcode to show slider on Home page.

image slider

Detail option:

Yolo Recent News

Use this shortcode to show recent posts on your page.

recent news

Detail option:

Yolo Product Masonry

Use this shortcode to show the product masonry on Product Masonry page.

product masonry

Detail option:

Yolo Pricing Plans

Use this shortcode to build Pricing Plans page.

pricing plan

Detail option:

Yolo Course

Use this shortcode to display courses on your page.

Detail option:

Yolo Teachers

Use this shortcode to show teacher items on your page.


Detail option:

Yolo Events

Use this shortcode to show Events on your page.

Detail option:

Yolo Portfolio

Use this shortcode to show portfolio items on your page

Yolo TimeTable

Use this shortcode to display Timetable on your page.


Detail option:

Yolo Statistical

Use this shortcode to show statistical on your page.

Detail option:

Yolo Video

Use this shortcode to show video on Home page

Detail option:

Kidzone is a WMPL – compatible and multi- language ready theme. To translate this theme please follow these steps:

Come together with Kidzone, these plugins are recommended to install and activate for flexible use. Below are the source for documentation and support of each plugins.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin Documentation for user guide to use the plugin.

Visual Composer WordPress Plugin Support System for support upon issues of the plugin.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce Plugin Documentation for user guide to use the plugin.

Woo Commerce Plugin Community Forum for support upon issues of the plugin.

Woo Commerce Knowledge Base for questions about the plugin.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Plugin Page for basic information about the plugin.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Documentation for user guide to use the plugin.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Support Forum for support upon issues of the plugin.