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Firstly we would love to send our great thanks to you for using Yolo Class Timetable. Yolo Class Timetable is a super flexible schedule plugin for WordPress, with fully responsive interface and fascinating UI. It is absolutely suitable for education, fitness, yoga classes, medical departments, any kind of class calendars and so on. Yolo Class Timetable will help you easily create a timetable with custom data just in a few minutes.

Requirements for Timetable

To use Timetable plugin, you must be running WordPress 4.6 or higher, PHP 5.6 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or higher.


Plugin Installation

Yolo Class Timetable Installation also complies with the common way to install any plugins. It is quite straightforward and easy:

After installing this plugin, there will be 4 new points in admin dashboard you should note:

1. Page >> Add New

We provide you with Yolo shortcodes icon located in the default WordPress toolbar. Click on Yolo shortcodes icon selects Schedule shortcode which includes:Yolo Teacher, Yolo Class, Yolo Class Featured, Yolo Schedule.

plugin_installtion plugin_installtion 2. Classes

You will add Classes,Class Level and Teachers in this section. plugin_installtion 3. ClassTimetable

plugin_installtion 4. New widgets in Appearance/ Widgets

After activated Yolo Class Timetable plugin than you find that there will be a new widgets in Appearance/ widgets.They are Class Timetable: Popular Class Slider used for Class sidebar respectively


ClassTimetable setting


1. Classes

These options control display of classes on the site

2. Teacher

These options affect how trainers are displayed on the frontend.


Classes is a post types included in this plugin


♣ Add New Class


♣ Add New Class Category

Go to Classes/ Class Category Enter name of class category and select color of the category/click Add New Class Category button


♣ Add a new class level

Go to Classes/ Class Level/ Enter name of Class Level/ click Add New Class Level button


♣ Add New Teacher


♣ Holiday setting

In case, your class schedule coincides with holidays, you will find settings in this section useful. It will avail you in hiding your class on the schedule. You only need to select a Start date if your holiday is on a date. Meanwhile, if it lasts more than one day, you will select both Start date and End Date. Moreover, you also can add exception classes in Holiday if you want.

♣ Sync & Import Classees

These options help you import classes by entering a link or click to choose file in the Import Source created in the google calendar.



There are 4 shortcodes incorporated into Yolo Class Timetable plugin. They are Yolo Teacher, Yolo Class, Yolo Class Featured and Yolo Schedule. We are support Classic WordPress Editor, WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Page builder. So you can easily to add the shortcode/wdiget to your page.

shortcodes shortcodes

Yolo Teacher

This shortcodes is used to show Teachers


Yolo Class

This shortcodes is used to show Classes

♣ General

♣ Layout & Filter Setting

This shortcode is used to show Featured Class

Yolo Schedule

This shortcode is used to show Class schedule

♣ General

♣ Time Options

♣ Data Options

♣ Extend Options

♣ Design Options


There is 1 widget included in this plugin. They are Class Timetable: Popular Class Slider used for Class sidebar respectively.


When you come to this section, we hope that you found all the information provided in this documentation helpful and you have finished installing and polishing your site as what you have imagined of. After reading carefully this guide, if you still need any helps, don’t hesitate to contact us at Noo Support Center.

Please be noted to post a topic with your issues be clearly clarified. It is recommended you send us together with link of your site and your admin account. These will help to save time for both of us. Finally, please be patient. It will take us some time to check all the topics and we will solve topics from older to newest.

Hopefully, you will enjoy using NooTimetable! Thank you for choosing our theme.